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Welcome all, this is my direct Twitch feed. I enjoy all kinds of games and stream anything I find interesting for the day. I play a wide assortment of games from first-person shooters to RPGs.

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Why Do I Stream Twitch?

I’ve always been a fan of gaming. From the days of old sitting in the dark in front of my Commodore 64 to the graphics of today, I’ve experienced my fair share of digital excellence.

What brought me to Twitch wasn’t the aspect of showing off or just playing games online. It was the community mindset and the number of people I’ve met. I love sharing with an audience and engaging in conversation. You see, it’s not just the game that draws many to the Twitch platform. It’s the direct engagement.

My Work with Charities

A lot of people love the idea of getting money to simply play a game and hang out with an audience. However, I take it a step further than that. Sure, donations are great and it helps me keep the bills paid. But I want to do more with my channel.

Extra Life

I am a proud supporter of Extra Life. It’s the charity organization that gives proceeds to the Children’s Miracle Network. Because of my experience with Children’s Hospital in Denver, Colorado, I am drawn to help kids who do not have options such as myself.

Currently, I give 30% of all my donations to Extra Life at the end of each stream – as long as it’s over $1.00 total. On special event days, I’ll donate 100% of the money I receive. I would give more, but I need to pay my own bills as well. I can’t very well stream on Twitch if I have no home.

Operation Supply Drop

While the majority of my charity work does go to Extra Life, I also support Operation Supply Drop. I believe the men and women of the US Armed forces deserve a break from reality once in a while, which is why I often send donations to this cause.

If there is even a slight chance that a game I help buy for a soldier on the other side of the world prevents him or her from suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder when coming home, I’m going to take it.

So, hang out and watch. But please, join the conversation. I’m not on Twitch to simply play games. I’m doing it to be social and to help out the various charities I love.

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