Review: Doom, the 2016 Version

If you love gore and violence, Doom is probably right up your alley. This 2016 adaptation of the ever-popular franchise is an excellent continuation of the game we all loved back in 1993. Most of you kids nowadays probably never had a chance to see the game that started it all. Let’s look at the newest Doom and see how it stacks up.

What is Doom?

Doom is a first-person-shooter game set on the surface of Mars. Thanks to research into Argent material, the facility on the desolate planet becomes ravaged by demons after the event of a Hell wave. Those who survived were morphed into a variety of different kinds of evil.

Never trust scientists when they’re exposed to absolute power.

Essentially, Doom is an FPS that takes you through a variety of maps where you pick up items and weaponry to make the job of exterminating demons easier. It’s gratuitous violence at its best for those who need to let of some steam at the end of a rough day.

Doom Shotgun

Why You Would Want to Play Doom?

If you’re not into fast-paced, violent, first-person, shooter games, you may want to avoid Doom. Between the backdrop of a demon-ravaged landscape on Mars and the brutality of tearing into evil with your hands and feet, you might not appreciate this game in its fullest.

While this game didn’t make me jump nearly as much as the scenes in Doom III, it does get the heart pumping when demons spawn and growl as they lunge to kill. Armed with a series of different weapons, you jump in and eviscerate the creatures spawned from Hell.

If you remember the original, you’ll find a few secret areas in the 2016 version to be somewhat of a fun addition. In these secret rooms, you’ll find layouts and graphics akin to the systems of yesteryear as Doom pays an homage to its roots.

Doom Homage

Throughout the game, you can find runes that will upgrade your abilities. For instance, one rune will allow you to perform Glory Kills from a further distance away.

Personal Combat

A new function from the 1990s predecessor is the “Glory Kill.” This is when you stun a demon by shooting or hitting it and performing, in essence, a fatality. There are many different ways to achieve a Glory Kill depending on the demon, where you’re looking and where you are standing in relation to the creature.

One of my favorites is driving my knee into the head of a stunned demon against a wall. Yeah…it’s gruesome.

You can also find the fabled chainsaw in the second level. This gas-power instrument of death and destruction is a great way to put a violent end to a demon. From the first-person view, you watch as a short cut-scene of the blade slices a demon completely in half.

Doom Chainsaw

Different Ways to Play

Doom 2016 has more of an RPG feel to it during game play. Although you don’t have a lot of micromanagement, you can develop as you play by increasing skills and powering up your weaponry. For example, I boosted my maximum life with my first Argent fragment.

The Arcade part of the game is great for those who just want to jump in and start the mayhem. It’s based on a point system which pits you against all other players of Doom. I rank in the 33,000s somewhere for the first level. Considering the sheer number of players, that’s about average.

One of the aspects I find the most engaging, however, is the SnapMap feature. You can build your own playable maps complete with objectives and game elements which you can run through yourself or submit for others to enjoy. The editing system is elaborate but easy to manipulate to the point where nearly anyone can make levels and maps quite easily.

The multiplayer addition to the game is also quite immersive. Especially when you can customize the appearance and taunts of your character in so many different ways. The color variations of what you can add are quite extensive, and I find myself playing around with different appearances more than I actually play the game.

NOTE: The multiplayer aspect of the game seems to have tapered off greatly since the games release in 2016. Although it’s still possible to get into matches online, the experience may be lacking if you want some strong PvP play. However, the other parts of the game are still strong enough to support owning it…at least, in my opinion it is.

Where Can You Get It?

As I am a Steam user, I bought my version of Doom directly from the platform. It’s currently $59.99, but I added it to my watch list and bought it when Doom went on sale for $19.99. This means it pays to be on Steam for great discounts.

Inbound Demons

Doom is also available for Xbox One and PS4. You can also pick up guides from GameStop for Doom.

Pros and Cons

Now for the meat and potatoes of this demon-slasher of a game.


  • Has the same fast-paced movement of the original.
  • Adds more to game-play with buffs and development.
  • Ready for co-op and PvP play.
  • Arcade and DLC content available to keep it interesting.
  • Multiple ways to earn achievements in Steam.


  • Is very unsuitable for audiences under 17.
  • Older computers have a hard time keeping up with lots of movement.
  • An easier-to-use PvP layout would be more useful, but it’s not a deal-breaker.
  • Not enough active players for those who like PvP variety.

The Bottom Line…

Doom is an ultra-violent FPS filled to the brim of Hell with blood, guts and gore. Not even I play this game near my children. However, I find it to be a great addition to the franchise leaning more towards the traditional 1993 title than the previous, Doom III – although I liked that game as well.

Doom Old And New
Doom Old And New

I don’t know if I would throw $60 at it, but then again, I usually don’t have a lot of money for games anyway. But if you like the franchise and are looking for an immersive FPS with a solid back story and tons of blood, then Doom is probably a good fit for you.

Just don’t stand too close to the demons with propane tanks sticking out of their chests when you blast them with a shotgun.

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