eSport Training: How Fitness Impacts Your Gaming

I like the idea behind eSport organization. It helps geeks like myself feel some of the elation jocks feel when winning the big game. The only real difference is our games are played in the virtually world. The same amount of practice and readiness goes into success in either case. But does fitness play a role in gaming? In reality, physical preparation can be just as vital to a gamer as it is to a quarterback.

How Fitness Affects Playing Games

LoL ChampionshipWhile you probably don’t have to spend hours on end at the gym building muscle and endurance for gaming, exercising can be greatly beneficial. Even the right foods can play a part in the mental aspect of eSport training. Although sufficient practice is crucial, paying attention to your body is also as important. Here is a bit of science to prove my point.

Enhancing Memory

Studies at the University of British Columbia demonstrate how regular exercise improves your memory. As a gamer, you know how vital that aspect may be. Memory is a vital piece in being successful whether you’re in a 5v5 match in League of Legends or going head-to-head in Starcraft. Many believe this is possible due to the increase of blood and oxygen to the brain.

Both physical exercise and the right food enhance memory functionality. Don’t forget, fitness doesn’t merely revolve around lifting weights or running a mile. The types of food you eat and the amount of physical activity you have will impact how your brain functions overall.

Keeping the Mind Clear

Exercise has been found to help stress and anxiety. As a result, your mind stays more focused and clear throughout the day. This can be very beneficial as it will improve the ability to process information. The more powerful your mind, the better the experience will be when playing games. Fitness can also contribute to improving your overall mood, which prevents rage quitting and fits of anger when things don’t go well.

It’s called, “Grace under fire.” Depending on the game, this statement could be ultimately true. It’s too easy to dwell on what’s going wrong in the game, which often contributes to even more mistakes. Keeping the mind clear and optimizing your focus changes all of that. Like any other sport in the world, keeping your composure reduces the amount of problems that arise while playing.

Eating Better to Boost Thinking

Healthy FoodThe kind of food you eat will impact the brain’s ability to process information. Regardless of what your friends tell you, caffeine is not a staple you should rely on. During your training, you should include a good diet of healthy foods to boost your brain’s ability to process information. This should include:

  • Eggs
  • Blueberries
  • Salmon or tuna fish
  • Dandelion greens
  • Dark chocolate – because of polyphenols
  • Avocados
  • Spinach – which is great in salads

These foods include nutrients that have been found to boost brain power, memory and overall functionality. As your brain is the primary organ used in eSports, taking care of it will directly affect game play.

This is only a short list of all the things you could be eating to improve game play. While none of them will turn you into the digital world’s version of Albert Einstein, they will contribute to enhancing the processing power of your brain. It’s all about nutrition and exercise if you want to enhance your performance.

Building Endurance

Nintendo OutfitYes, physical endurance will contribute to how well you play in eSports. From the brain to the tips of your fingers, your body is going to use several resources. Studies show working on physical endurance can keep your mental and physical reaction time high and your level of fatigue low. While you may not need the stamina of a marathon runner, boosting this part of your abilities will give you an edge while competing. This is especially true if you work your brain while exercising.

Activity and Diet Keep the Brain Going

When grinding out your favorite game or enthralled within deep competition, fitness will make a difference. Before you reach for that bottle of Mountain Dew, consider how it will affect your brain’s performance. Caffeine and sugar may give you a boost now, but it pales in comparison to a healthy body. Give yourself and the team an edge and develop your own fitness training routine.

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