Making a Return to Twitch

Well, it’s been several months since I last streamed on Twitch. It’s not from the lack of having fun, but from the lack of income. I had to put my gaming on the back burner so I could get some of my other bills paid. After seeing how many people still come to this website, I decided to pick it back up again. I’m not as financially stable as I’d like, but I can still squeeze in a few hours of gaming.

What’s Planned in the Near Future for My Gaming?

I am working on the website this week in order to make some adjustments and perhaps use a different theme. The content seems a little scattered throughout the categories, so I think I am going to spend some time straightening things out.

I’m still going to center a lot of time around the games I enjoy such as DayZ, Starcraft II, EverQuest titles and more. Instead of playing throughout the mornings, I’ll be streaming more in the night – which is how I started in the first place. I operate a liquor store and property management company during the day. Mondays might be a big day for streaming, but I need to get some stuff worked out this week before I commit myself.

More Website Content

I plan on putting more content on the website than ever before. Since I should have my afternoons free, it might not be a problem to crack out a new article every weekday. As always, I’ll try to fixate my posts around anything having to do with gaming and hardware. Since there has been a great deal to come out since I wrote last back in June, I’m not going to worry about trying to play catch-up on reviews of games and such. It’s time to focus on the hear-and-now and what is to come.

I would like to start doing more regular YouTube videos, but my time is pretty thin as it is. I’ll still upload highlights from Twitch, but the more intense materials I would like to develop will have to wait until I can get things here in order.

Throwback Gaming

I’ve been playing a bit of my Dreamcast as of late and look forward to streaming some of it soon. I’m looking for my Saturn and Genesis stuff, but I think its all in storage. However, I’m eager to find it and play some of the games I grew up with.

Unfortunately, our SNES was destroyed recently in a moving accident. I’m trying to find a replacement now as there are a few games on it I wouldn’t mind streaming as well. The most exciting thing, however, is my old computer system from the 1980s. It’s going to be a surprise, but it’ll be interesting to stream once I fix the disk drive.

So, that’s where I am at. Looking forward to streaming again and playing some games. Hope to see you in chat. Happy gaming, everyone!

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Michael Brockbank

I have been playing games for more than 30 years. I wouldn’t consider myself a hard-core gamer, but I have brought the pain in my day. Now that I am rounding the horn at 40, I still enjoy everything from booting up the old Commodore 64 to exploring new titles in Steam. You’re never too old to enjoy a good plot and mind-numbing graphics.

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