Getting Back on the Horse

Playstation ControllerSo, I’ve been pretty complacent in not getting things done for the past couple of months. Starting today, however, my wife and I have decided to make every day a victory. This includes everything from getting back into shape to working. The trick is to focus on each day as an individual circumstance. What do I mean by this? It’s simple: each day is its own moment in time – don’t focus on anything else.

Setting Goals

It’s good to set goals for yourself – as long as you don’t get overwhelmed by them. It’s easy to reach for the stars, but you need to keep your feet on the ground in reality. If you can achieve your wishes relatively quickly, then you’re ahead of millions of people in terms of success. However, there are many like myself that don’t have that ability. My goals can be so great that they may seem unattainable.

Breaking Up the Goals
I’ve wrote several articles in the past about how goals are easier to achieve once they are broken up into smaller pieces. I still stand by this idea as it has proven useful to myself. For example, don’t focus on making a million dollars. Break it up into smaller and more obtainable goals that put you in a better position to have that million dollars.

Being Dedicated

My dedication to streaming games and losing weight has been flip-flopping for the past several weeks. Things in my personal life have made it difficult to stay on task and give this whole “professional gamer” thing a proper shot. However, that is changing starting today. I am focusing my efforts in managing one day at a time. Instead of worrying about how many viewers I’ll obtain throughout the week, I’m going to work on what I can do to improve the stream today. I have designed a tentative schedule for streaming and working so I can still pay my bills. As long as I remain true to that schedule, all should be fine.

How does all this tie together? I’m not going to focus on the goal of getting 1,000 viewers for my Twitch channel. Instead, I am going to focus on maintaining a reliable schedule and having fun. After all, that’s what people want to see. An entertaining person having a good time with the game and the viewers. Success on Twitch won’t happen over night…but the viewers need to have stability and be able to rely on your stream at a specific time. Would you be upset if your favorite television show was on at random hours throughout the week?

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Michael Brockbank

I have been playing games for more than 30 years. I wouldn’t consider myself a hard-core gamer, but I have brought the pain in my day. Now that I am rounding the horn at 40, I still enjoy everything from booting up the old Commodore 64 to exploring new titles in Steam. You’re never too old to enjoy a good plot and mind-numbing graphics.

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