First Look: World of Warships

World of WarshipsI have been a fan of games produced by, so there was a high level of expectations from me when I finally got the chances to play World of Warships. After waiting for about a year for the game to be available, it was well worth the wait. In fact, I believe that this game may be better than World of Tanks and Warplanes – which is saying a lot considering that I love both games.

Beautiful for Beta

As of this post, World of Warships is in closed beta – meaning that you need to have a beta key in order to play. As soon as I won mine, I immediately downloaded and installed the game. My first impression was nothing short than amazement. Although there is obviously a few things that need to be put in such as earning medals and looking at detailed play statistics after a battle from the Port screen, the game is still a wonder to behold.

Details in the Ships
The ship details are nearly perfect when compared to warships of the World War II era. Complete with lifeboats, the only thing missing are little men running along the deck or firing the guns. Battle damage registers in three dimensions, which means that it really looks like holes are going into the ship. This is seen from the soldering debris within those holes.

Experience and Credits
Just like in Tanks and Warplanes, you can use your experience to upgrade ships and buy modules. Each game earns you both to put towards advancing to the next tier of vessel. The more experience and credits you get, the more powerful ships are available.

Amazing Water Development
The water looks excellent and the plumes that form from cannon shells look realistic. This is especially true when torpedoes hit the side of a hull. When sinking, a color distortion happens on the parts of the ship that are underwater as opposed to above the surface giving it a real-world appearance.

Controlling the Ships
Control of the ships is very well developed and cannon fire requires the player to “lead” the target while moving. This makes it more challenging while putting more skill into playing than simply auto-locking onto a target. Personally, I find “skill-shot” games to be superior as it demonstrates who has better abilities.

Still in Beta, But Love to Play

I’m not going to develop a full review as World of Warships is still in Beta. Once it becomes an open game, I’ll put more into analyzing all that’s available. In the mean time, win yourself a closed beta key or wait for the open beta to launch – this game is definitely worth the time. I can’t wait to see what else the developers have planned as World of Warships is an intriguing addition to the trilogy.

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