Your Chair May Affect Your Gameplay

PC Gaming ChairNot a lot of people take into consideration just how much a chair can affect their gameplay. However, not sitting correctly can impact everything from playing well in multiplayer online battle arenas to handling your career. While that chair at Walmart may be cheap, so is the support it may be giving you. I’m not saying that you need a $300 office chair or a DX Racer to be successful at work and play – but it does help.

Help Ramifications of Discomfort

Bad posture while sitting in your chair can affect a lot of the things you do throughout the day. Pinched nerves can cause physical pain and numbness while those suffering from back problems could develop spasms and lower-back pain.

One of the most prominent problems in the world today is that of obesity. While going on a diet can help you keep off weight, it’s the lack of physical activity that plays such a huge role in this epidemic. While some may view sitting for long periods of time as unhealthy, gamers can still stave off the physical aspect by keeping active between play sessions. While you’re sitting, however, the design of the chair itself can affect your overall health and breathing patterns.

Chari Causes Back Pain

Stress Levels
Through discomfort, stress levels can increase exponentially. Through discomfort of sitting, your state of mind can be altered to the point where you play horribly. This lack of skill will then perpetuate the stress level making it even more difficult to remain rational. Stress can cause you to become easily frustrated over the simplest of problems in game and make you feel overwhelmed by the environment. It is this situation that causes a relatively good player to become stuck in a rut of bad playing. This is seen in nearly every sport as superstars can have a “bad day.”

Comfort Is a Part of Success

The more comfortable you are physically, the better you’ll play. While some games can increase your stress levels by themselves, the position of your body doesn’t have to be a contributing factor. However, it can greatly alter your mood changing the way you adapt in game to various situations.

Buying an expensive chair isn’t going to turn you into an eSports star. But it will go a long way to helping you rationally approach the game and enjoy yourself. Don’t assume that all chairs are created equal – because they’re not. Be a friend to your back and buy something that is conducive to health standards rather than cheap. You may be surprised by how much more you enjoy gaming when you’re not worried about the pain in your back.

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