Science Data: Kinect Sports Season 2 Tennis w/ Gloves

Kinect WorkoutIn this study, I am looking closer as to how many calories a gamer can burn while playing the Xbox 360 Kinect. This post will be added to regularly until the end of the study Рat which point I will write a summary article of my findings. In this study, I am comparing the impact of playing Kinect Sports Season 2 Tennis with weighted gloves.

Subject: Me
Weight: 271 before this study began
Height: Six-foot tall

I will conduct 20 gaming sessions in order to gather as accurate of information as possible. This will be 10 playing without gloves and 10 with the weighted gloves. For this study I will be using several specific measurements and tools. These consist of:

  • Fitbit Charge HR Device: Fitbit’s Charge HR unit tracks movement, heart rate, calories burnt and separate workouts while moving.
  • Xbox 360 Kinect: Game consoles I will be using for this study
  • Gold’s Gym 3 Lb. Weighted Workout Gloves: These gloves are $10 at Walmart and put an extra 1.5 pounds of weight on each hand.
  • Kinect Sports Season 2: Tennis: Playing the Tennis game, one of several on the Sports disk itself.
  • Heart Rate BPM: Believed to coincide with calorie burn
  • Calories Kinect Sports Season 2 Calculation: The game can measure calories based on player movement during play
  • Calories Fitbit Charge HR Calculation: Which may be far more accurate of exercise burn
  • Steps: The recorded steps of the Fitbit demonstrate actual physical activity while playing.

No Gloves

Date Starting BPM Time Played Game Calories Fitbit Calories Ending BPM Avg BPM Avg Cal/min Burn Steps
3/20/2015 76 31:21 137 220 97 96 7.02 1884
3/22/2015 81 31:20 118 278 97 106 8.87 2213
3/24/2015 95 30:36 119 277 109 104 9.05 2302

Weight Gloves

Date Starting BPM Time Played Game Calories Fitbit Calories Ending BPM Avg BPM Avg Cal/min Burn Steps
3/21/2015 83 32:15 129 274 115 107 8.49 1889
3/23/2015 99 32:32 127 343 119 113 10.27 2344
3/25/2015 95 32:01 117 307 115 112 9.57 2224

The Data So Far…

UPDATE: 3/25/2015
As calorie burn is all about movement, you can see that I spend more calories the more active I am while playing. This is shown by using the steps of each workout. Although I know that this isn’t 100 percent accurate as I am stationary while I play, the steps will still signify the actual movement the Fitbit detects by the wearer. As long as you keep both arms moving while you play, it can be an accurate portrayal of physical movement. After all, it won’t register steps if you move your arm without the Fitbit.

UPDATE: 3/23/2015
After realizing that the results can become skewed depending on actual physical activity during play, I’ve decided to add “Steps” into the data. This information is provided by the Fitbit as movement is recorded at all times. The more steps that are completed during game play, the more active the person was. In my case, I was incredibly more active the last two trials than I was the first. However, you can still see that using the weighted gloves still allows the body to burn at a greater pace while playing games on the Kinect.

As you can see from the two times that I’ve played, the weighted gloves made a significant difference in calories burnt even though the game recorded less calories. The game itself measures only movements it detects during play and not in between cut scenes and such. While it may be a fun addition, it doesn’t provide accurate results for someone that is six-foot and weighs 270 pounds. According to these early results, wearing the gloves allowed me to burn 1.47 calories more per minute. My average heart rate throughout the routine was increased by 11 BPM which is also a significant increase during a workout.

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