Getting Into Shape While Gaming

Wii FitnessOk, so it’s time for me to lose some of my body mass. I am pushing 275 pounds and am tired of the pains and aches that come along with it. Starting today, I am making an effort to improve my health in a variety of ways including physical activity through the use of my XBox Kinect. How will this impact my ability to lose weight? By helping me burn calories while remaining entertained.

Counting Calories Can Work

Some people have the misconception that counting calories leads to failure. One of the reasons why counting calories can fail is because of the kinds of foods you eat. For example, a generic cupcake from Walmart has 210 calories in it. However, it’s not the most healthy of choices.

It’s simply not enough to count calories and stay within a certain limit. For myself, I am only suppose to consume approximately 1700 calories in a day because of my lack of physical activity. This doesn’t mean that I can eat eight cupcakes all day long and expect to remain healthy. You need to have a plan of eating right and getting enough nutrients. Without various vitamins and minerals, your body will literally begin to break down.

Knowing What to Eat
Healthier alternatives will be my goal when it comes to snacking and eating meals. Although I believe you can still be healthy while enjoying tasty foods such as cupcakes and cookies, you still need to do so in moderation. While it may sound like a Buddhist approach to dieting, it’s true. You can have that rich chocolate cake as long as you portion it out correctly.

Beach RunningPhysical Activity
One way that people gain weight and become out of shape is because of a lack of physical activity. Your body doesn’t need muscle mass if it doesn’t use it. I am going to increase my activity exponentially. I not only want to weigh 190 pounds, but I want to look good while doing so. It is my goal to dress up as a Marvel superhero for Halloween without using body inserts. It’s all going to be 100% me, baby. My wife would love for me to look like Thor or Captain America – she said so herself.

What Does Health Have to Do With Gaming?

Proper health can impact your gaming far more than what you may think. Everything from your brain to physical attributes can make a difference in eSports or casual gaming. In fact, there is scientific evidence that can support my claims through the capabilities of healthy eating.

Brain Activity
Foods can contribute to everything from staving off Alzheimer’s Disease in your future to improving memory function – which helps gaming. Most berries offer this capability through anti-oxidants. The more of these you eat, the more you solidify higher brain function. While this won’t turn you into a worldclass eSports gamer, it can contribute to remembering the game and cognitive reasoning. Fish, nuts, teas and even dark chocolate can contribute to improving brain functionality.

The Physical Aspect of Gaming
Although your thumbs may get a lot of activity while gaming, the rest of your body needs attention as well. Your back can spasm, your legs can cramp and carpal tunnel syndrome can be quite painful. A strong physical presence can help you maintain your composure through the longest of gaming sessions. It’s much like training for a physical sport as a healthy disposition can help endurance.

What Am I Changing for Improved Healthier Gaming?

Healthy FoodThe Food
Starting today, I am monitoring everything I eat through If you use the site, don’t forget to look me up. Anyway, I will track everything I put into my body whether it’s good or bad. After all, cheating on apps such as these only cheats yourself. My goal is to remain between 300 and 500 calories a day in the green. This means that I have left over food that I could eat. However, keeping yourself in the green ensures you can start losing weight.

The Exercise
I’ll need to closely monitor what I eat. Burning calories is one thing, but you can cause physical damage to yourself if you don’t eat the right foods. Since I am doing some weight training, I’ll need proteins. I’ll be spending at least a half-hour in front of the XBox Kinect every day for cardio movement and will constantly record the calories burnt. In fact, I will display this information on my live Twitch stream as well.

At the end of the week, I will tally up all of my activity and food consumption demonstrating that you can stay healthy as a gamer and improve your overall digital experiences. I am excited to do this and hope you’ll visit again in order to see the progress. Later today, I am going to put my Runkeeper widget on the blog to show visitors my walking and riding progress as well. It’s going to be an interesting year.

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