Daybreak Game Company? What Will it Mean for SOE Players?

SOE LogoSony Online Entertainment just announced today that the division was purchased by Columbus Nova and will now be called Daybreak Game Company. Those at SOE seem to have high hopes to the new acquisition which may provide new resources in order to enhance the gaming experience. Although many people are questioning the decision and are afraid of change, it may provide a better platform for gamers to enjoy.

It Doesn’t Always Have to Be Bad

When it comes to companies and keeping specific developers on staff, gamers can get a little paranoid. This is especially true to those of us that pay-to-play such as SOE’s All Access accounts. Currently, All Access grants players full accessibility to all SOE titles except for those that are in Beta or in Early Access stages such as H1Z1. Will the change from SOE to Daybreak cause a rift in that payment or will the $14.99 per month be maintained through the transition?

EverQuest CoverRight now, it’s too early to tell what Columbus Nova has in store for SOE players in the near future. Columbus Nova Technology Partners is an investment firm that may only be interested in profits more than shaking up the development of excellent and time-tested titles. The company already has its proverbial hands in many different technology companies – many of which are not commonly known. However, it does make one wonder just what is in store for the future of EverQuest, Planetside and the newly released H1Z1 in terms of development.

Is It In the Name?

Oddly enough, Columbus Nova has decided to rename SOE “Daybreak Game Company.” For many gamers such as myself, it almost seems like a nod to the zombie apocalypse genre. Personally, I find a bit corny and too on the nose – so-to-speak. I suppose that they are planning on setting up a DBA under a different names such as just “Daybreak.” It’s not too often that a developer puts out there that its a “game company.” I know that I am just picking on the organization, and it may be the best thing ever for those at SOE. I suppose I am just a bit paranoid as to what is going to happen to a game that I invested so much time enjoying.

Since I’ve been playing games, I’ve seen a lot of companies do exceptionally well at attracting my attention only to leave me high-and-dry later on. Westwood and Sierra both come to mind almost instantly. I just hope that this new Daybreak Game Company will hold the same standards or better of what I have come to expect from SOE.

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