How to Use MyFitnessPal While Gaming

My Fitness PalMyFitnessPal is an app that allows you to track your calorie, vitamin and other nutritional information throughout any given day. It’s also a social site where you can get involved with others looking to be more healthy. How does this help while you play games? By monitoring your snacking.

Your Information

Putting in your real information is ideal for any app that monitors weight or exercise. Without this information being factual, the results will not be accurate. Height, weight, age and other factors play a role in how to regulate proper health. MyFitnessPal takes this information into consideration including your average physical activity per day. If you’re like me and sit at a desk for 12 hours per day, the physical aspect is pretty low. Why is this important? Because it will modify the calories, carbs and fats that you can consume per day in order to be healthy. Personally, I can only have 1,760 calories per day in order to lose weight in a healthy fashion. Because my wife has such a physically active career, she’s allowed 3,000.

Being Honest with Yourself
One reason why diets and other programs don’t work is because people are not honest with themselves. Although there may be healthy items used in creating those chocolate snack cakes, it doesn’t mean that you should pig out on a whole package in one sitting. By fudging the numbers, the only one you’re hurting is yourself.

My Fitness Pal SmallMyFitnessPal has Android and iPhone apps that allow you to scan the barcode of any given food item. I have yet to come across something I ate that wasn’t in its huge database. This will automatically add the food’s information to your daily log. As long as you adjust for your serving sizes, the system can be incredibly accurate while helping you see how much junk you’re actually eating.

Keeping Snacks Healthy While Gaming

Many of us like to snack on junk foods while playing games. This is ok, as long as you don’t overindulge. An entire bag of Softbatch Cookies in a single night is more calories than you can have in an entire day of eating. Try to keep the snacking to healthier alternatives. For example, I could have two cookies ranging more than 200 calories total, or I could have three ounces of carrots and ranch dressing for under 100 – which is quite a few by the way.

Every Time you snack on something, log it in MyFitnessPal. The first time I monitored my food intake I was blown away by how many calories and carbs I consume in any given day. I found it to be a shock and somewhat embarrassing. No wonder why I was gaining so much weight so fast. Since it’s a quick scan of the barcode, you don’t have to sacrifice gaming time in order to monitor your food.


MyFitnessPal integrates with and Facebook. This is one of the reasons I am using it. When I work out, it gets information from and recalculates how many calories I can have – since exercise and training will burn calories. As I use Run Keeper as well, all of my activities are entwined into a powerful suite of tools that allowed me to lose so much weight last summer.

This is one of the apps that I am using to lose weight this year. I am a fan of the site and the app as its integration works well for what I am trying to do. The site provides you with a blogging tool if you’re into sharing information in such a manner – which I am. Since it’s a free app, you have nothing to lose but weight by trying it.

My Fitness Pal App

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