EverQuest 2: Mount Level Restrictions

EverQuest 2If you play EverQuest 2, then you may have already figured out that you need to be of a certain level in order to obtain specific mounts. For example, some mounts you won’t be able to get until you’re level 30 such as many leapers. However, the level requirement doesn’t have to be isolated to you adventure level. Yes, crafting can help you get those mounts you want and need.

Two Types of Experience

When it comes to mounts and various other quests, there are two different experience types that are used. You can achieve the level in question by questing and increasing your adventurer level or you can craft as an artisan. This is just one of the benefits you can get by being a crafter.

How Crafting Helps You Obtain Mounts
By putting time and effort into crafting, you can build your artisan level up relatively quick. I personally reached level 30 in just over 30 minutes as an armorer. Because I reached this level, I am now able to leap with an airspeed bonus of 200% and a running speed of 60%. Of course this is for my Noble Aerakyn which you have to buy special. However, all mounts are the same way – your artisan level counts.

Using Rush Orders
Once you reach level 20 and decide which path you want to follow as an artisan, you can begin to complete rush orders. These are quests that make you build items according to your specialty within a time limit. If you complete all of the requirements within the time allotted, you earn a small amount of coin and a decent amount of status for your character. Status helps in other things within the game that will be covered later.

EverQuest 2 CraftingThese rush orders allow you to tear through the levels quickly. The more of these you complete, the quicker you can reach the level you need for your specific mount. It’s hard to say just how long it will take you exactly as each person is different when it comes to crafting.

What Crafting Means for Low Level Characters

When developing your character with a paid account for SOE, which is the all-access pass that lets you play Sony games online, you can make a level 12 monk while reaching a level 95 Carpenter. I had one of these characters on EverQuest 2. It wasn’t until recently that I began to gain adventure experience.

This allowed me to ride a flying mount around in Antonica as I did beginner quests. Some may think of it as cheating. However, I worked hard to become a 95 carpenter including going into extremely difficult zones in order to complete the griffon quest.

Artisans are able to create their equipment instead of purchasing items from merchants or on the broker. For example, I have a 95 Provisioner that supplies my entire guild with mastercrafted food which vastly increases abilities. My 95 Carpenter creates stunning pieces of furniture to decorate homes with increased status reductions. And my Armorer and Weaponsmith provide what may characters need to survive combat.

If you’re looking to have a mount but are hindered by level restrictions, put some effort into crafting. It can help your character in profound ways later on while giving you access to mounts earlier in your adventuring. In many situations, it may be faster to levelup as an artisan than as an adventurer.

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