Pinnacle Game Profiler: Use at Own Risk!

Pinnacle Game ProfilerSince Diablo 3 doesn’t have proper support for controller use on PC, I decided to look for a software-based profiler that allows play through an emulation. When I came across Pinnacle Game Profiler in’s database, I figured it would be a good place to start. Unfortunately, I’ve spent the last two hours trying to fix the damage it caused.

How Does Pinnacle Game Profiler Work?

Keep in mind that this information is based purely on personal experience. You may or may not have similar issues when trying to operate the software and I advise you to consider what I went through. Hopefully, this can help in your decision for future game controller software.

After downloading the software from Cnet, I ran the installer. During this process, Pinnacle Game Profiler never once displayed what extras would be installed. For example, Flash always shows you that it will install McAfee unless you uncheck the box for the software. In this case, no such boxes or options were available. What did happen when I installed the application is:

  • Spigot Search Protection was installed
  • PC Cleaning software was installed
  • Browser search from the omibox (address bar) was completely hijacked by Yahoo
  • Homepage was hijacked by Yahoo

To top it all off, the software advised me that it didn’t support my version of Windows although the developer and Cnet both said otherwise. So, now I have software that refuses to load even in various compatibility modes and a couple other apps that I didn’t want. After several reboots from uninstalling the controller application, I am still fighting to regain control of my Chrome browser from Yahoo. At least Spigot and the PC Cleaning app were fairly easy to get rid of – I just uninstalled from the programs list in Windows.

Would I Suggest this Software to a Friend?

Absolutely not. Aside from the fact that I was hit with bloatware, the application never worked for me anyway. I hate when companies try to roll in extra apps within a one for the sake of making marketing ad revenue. At least with Flash, you have the option to uncheck the McAfee box. Pinnacle Game Profiler changed settings and unloaded software that I did not agree to. As I am incredibly careful when it comes to installing apps, there was absolutely no check boxes or options for the other pieces of software.

I thought that by downloading the app from Cnet, I would have been safe from junkware. This is my fault as I should have known better. Don’t let desperation of a specific feature of an application cloud your judgement. Always research the software before you commit to an installation. Now, if you don’t mind – I need to run an anti-virus sweep and registry scan for good measure.

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