What is the Best Class in Diablo 3?

Diablo 3: Reaper of SoulsThe quick and easy answer to what is the best class in Diablo 3 is which ever you prefer. I know, it sounds simplistic. However, it’s probably the best and most honest answer you’ll ever receive including those from long-term players of the game. Unlike many of those other players, I can actually support my claim with scientific facts. Yes, video gaming can have all kinds of scientific and psychology rolled into the entertainment. Let me explain further.

Biased Responses from Players

One of the most prominent influences in a player’s decision to tell others that one class is better than another is due to a biased view of his or her own favorite way to play. For example, some players like to play tank-class characters and use brutal melee attacks while others prefer the ability to strike from a distance with spells or arrows. Nearly any game that has separate class types like this have the same arguments.

Often times a player will suggest a certain class citing all kinds of groovy facts about how the character has this and that ability. Any counter arguments are also often met with anger and frustration. This is a biased response merely because that particular player enjoys playing that particular class. Unless the game creators purposely unbalanced the gameplay between characters, every one of them has attributes that has potential to be powerful in the right hands.

Your Own Style of Play

Whether you’re playing Diablo 3 or League of Legends, you will have certain characters of which you’ll form an affinity. For instance, my favorite characters to play in LoL is Nami and Zilean while my wife has an affinity of Darius and Garen. It’s not that these characters are better than the others, it’s merely because we enjoy the abilities and game play with them.

Sure, you can study strategies of other players and emulate their success with virtually any character from any game. However, it wouldn’t display your own personal strengths and capabilities. You should play to your own styles and focus on what makes you happy. If you enjoy dropping a zombie tower on your enemies as seen with the Witch Doctor in Diablo 3, then who’s to say you’re doing it wrong? It’s not about what other people like – it’s about what you like.

Diablo 3 Play

The Science of Happiness

It has been found that enjoyment and happiness increases the efficiency of virtually anyone for nearly any task. According to Teresa Amabile and Steven Kramer of the New York Times, employees can improve productivity through enhancing their moods. This is true with any situation in life. How does this relate to gaming? Quite simple…the more engaged and entertained you are while playing any specific character, the more likely you’ll succeed at its abilities in game.

If you play as a character with the idea that it’s going to suck, most of the time it does. This means you’ve already defeated yourself by having negative emotions about the character before playing. This kind of situation happens a lot in life. You’re mindset about any given task may determine its outcome before you even try. In other words, you may have already defeated yourself by looking at the situation in a negative manner.

How to Choose the Best Character for You

Instead of basing your decision solely on what other players suggest, take the time and play all of them. By level 10 of any given character, you can begin to get a feel of what your favorite aspects are. For myself, I really enjoy the Demon Hunter and Wizard classes in Diablo 3. These two fit my style of play the best within the game. Select a character that fits your own style as it will maximize the experience and improve your individual success.

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