Why People Donate on Twitch

Digital MoneyEntertainment can come in a wide variety of ways. Most people will pay a great deal in order to be entertained regardless of the venue. While some people scoff at donations and subscriptions to watch others play video games, there is a fairly large demand for this kind of entertainment. For many Twitch streamers, playing games is a full-time job as donations and subscriptions supplement income.

Paying for Entertainment

Do you buy the latest CD that comes out from your favorite band as soon as it hits the shelves? Do you pay for cable or satellite television in order to access hundreds of channels? Perhaps you pay money to use the Internet? All of these can be considered forms of entertainment created solely for your enjoyment. When it comes to watching Twitch streamers, viewers are being entertained for free. The donations are generated by those that appreciate the player.

Many people think watching golf on television is a mindless activity. However, there are millions of other people that find entertainment in the sport. The same thing could be said about professional video game players. I say professional as they are paid for their activity. Think of a sport that you can’t stand to watch on television and then realize there is a reason it’s on television – there is a viewer-base.

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More than Mere Game Playing

When it comes to watching someone play a game on Twitch, there is more involved than just simply watching the game. Many Twitch streamers can be incredibly entertaining using humor and interaction within the broadcast. This is something that many televised sports lack. Although there is a following for any given video game, the personality of the one playing it is the dominant factor in the streams success.

Can you speak directly to the star quarterback of a NFL team while the game is being played? Twitch allows viewers to interact with the gamer through live chat. This has a profound impact for the viewer as he or she seems to have some form of interaction with the entertainer. When it comes to popular streamers, many viewers could hold the gamer in the same regards as others would for movie stars. The interaction between the viewer and this celebrity is deeper and more meaningful in such regard.

Unlike various other forms of entertainment, a gamer doesn’t necessarily have to be good at the game in order to develop a following. If he or she offers a level of entertaining commentary, the game player can still become quite popular. Would you buy a CD from a person who was tone deaf?

Twitch LogoNot as Easy as it Looks

The way Twitch is set up, the popular channels are displayed first. This means that beginners have a much harder time building a reputation as the majority of watchers will start from the top. Building yourself up to be a well-known celebrity on Twitch takes a great deal of time and dedication. Many viewers understand this and donate to the person willing to put time into gaming in order to provide entertainment.

People have been paying for entertainment in one form or another for centuries. Before you judge what other people spend their money on, take a look at your own expenses. You may find a few habits you have that others may think are just as silly.

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