Starting to Take Shape

Ra in SmiteThe site is starting to take shape. I don’t like using free themes and templates from third parties, but I wanted a certain look. Normally, I would just design my own template using Artisteer, but my version doesn’t support mobile devices. I need to buy the newest version so I can create my own look and feel. For now, I guess I’ll just use this one.

Adding Twitch
I just added the Twitch feed onto its own page. You can find the link by looking across the top of the site next to “Home.” This is a live feed of gameplay covering a variety of games. However, I do center a lot of my attention on my favorites such as EverQuest 2, DayZ, Diablo 3 and a few others. Eventually, I would like to add a suggestion box of games my visitors would like to see played.

Social Media Buttons
I’ve been slowly getting my social media site buttons up and running. Although the template provides a few default connections, I prefer one of the plugins I found for WordPress. It has a long list of automatic connections and it comes with its own imagery.

Slider Images
In order to get rid of the default slider images that used the “Ipsum Lorem” text, I had to add the Diablo 3 image. I will be adding more for the games that I play and might use it for highlighting the most popular posts and such. There is quite a bit of potential for the design. I just wish I had more control over the side bars.

Upcoming Content
I plan on covering materials ranging from the games themselves to equipment and manufacturers such as nVidia or BioWare. With all of the different developers on the Internet, it’s going to be difficult to keep up with them all – especially since I am currently doing this by myself. However, I feel confident that I will be able to bring quality insights to the entertainment community.

With everything that I have to do in order to make this work, I am short on time. I still have a lot of settings and alterations to do for this website as well as cross-referencing material with my YouTube account. Wish me luck – I’ll need it.

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