A New Beginning for Galaxy Gamers

Extra Life LogoSo, after a lack-luster performance in providing content in 2014, I have made some significant changes and plans for 2015. I am currently working on the site in order to bring visitors information regarding anything that is gaming related. Although most of my focus will be centered around digital entertainment, I will throw a few posts in here regarding various board and card games as well. For instance, I am a big fan of Munchkin and Magic: The Gathering.

What I Hope to Achieve

I know it will take a great deal of work to become as popular as some of the other gaming websites, but I feel up to the challenge. In reality, this site is designed mainly for keeping myself as well as friends and family apprised of what’s to come in the world of entertainment and digital gaming. For example, I hate having to sift through the internet to find updated information about DayZ recipes for crafting on Epoch.

I do have additional plans in order to bring fun and games to random readers such as yourself. Right now, this site is operated by myself alone without the help of anyone else. My wife might write a few posts for me in the future, but essentially this is 100% me. I only bring this up so that you understand that it may take a bit of time for everything to start operating smoothly.

In the Meantime…
I will be adding my live stream account from Twitch here in the next few hours. This will let website visitors watch some of the games I enjoy while possibly helping you learn more about any given title. The 2015 Extra-Life account has been set up allowing me to accept donations for the Children’s Miracle Network in case you’re interested in helping sick children.

Well, it’s time for me to get the day started. I hope to see you all in-game and good hunting!

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